About me

Hi out there!

I’m glad you found your way to my little photography blog.
My name is Luca. I’m a German hobby photographer, born in ’93.
I love taking photos and arranging them in a way,
that goes far beyond the ordinary „point ’n‘ shoot“.
Portraits, landscapes, macros, nature, streetphotography and nearly anything else you can think of belongs to my portfolio.
Done both digitally and analogously, my goal is to freeze-up the time in a still picture, yet to let it tell a never ending story, that the real time could have never told.

This charming little blog is to share
some of my works with the world.
From time to time I will upload
some pictures that I like.
Sometimes on their own,
sometimes alongside some
thoughts & feelings
or facts & figures about the pics.

Feel free to take a look around and make sure to leave a comment,
I’d be pleased.

Photography is the art of taking good pictures despite all the technology. (author unknown)