A guidance in curious times.

As the Corona-Virus forces us to stay at home, or at least to not shuffle around the world like we normally do, one starts exploring his nearest surroundings. Walking around, thinking, getting a fresh mindset and losing the occurring boredome, helps during the lock-down, when there seems to be nothing else left to do.
I found this cute little children’s playground lighthouse on a farm nearby our home. (I knew it was there, but I never thought about taking a picture before)

Have you explored your own neighborhood recently and found something special? Maybe you can find your own little „lighthouse“. Just follow the lightbeam’s origin. 😉

I took this picture with my „new“ analog SLR camera that I bought a few weeks ago. Its a Nikon F3, which dates back into the early 80s, equiped with three Nikkor prime lenses. (35mm F2.8 / 50mm F1.4 / 300mm F4.5)
I used a roll of Ilford’s HP5 black and white film. I love the look of this negativ film. It’s got this lovely amount of grain, but it’s still sharp and contrasty.
Shooting analog will take some time getting used to. It’s a new but very exciting experience and makes a lot of fun.

At this point I want to thank the former owner for selling it to me. As a professional photographer, he always took care of his camera. That led to the neat condition of the camera and the lenses. I’m very proud and hopeful to do justice to the inheritance from now on.

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